What is the difference between the Account Owner, a Company Admin, and a Manager?

What is an Account Owner?

By default, this is the person/email address who created the account. An account can have only one Owner, and the Owner cannot transfer the account to another Company Admin.

The Owner is also responsible for overseeing the account's paid subscription, and receives all billing related emails including payment receipts. The Account Owner has full power within the account, and full power across all Companies attached to the Account.

What is a Company Admin?

These users are additional people who can manage all employees in just one company. They are created by the Account Owner and should be trusted people within your organization. They can perform all the functions of the Account Owner within their Company, except overseeing the paid subscription. A Company Admin is not required to be an employee.

  • Company Admins can add, edit, and delete job descriptions.
  • Company Admins can add, edit, make inactive, reactivate and delete employees.
  • Company Admins can start or finish performance reviews for all employees in the company, even if they are assigned to a Manager.
  • Company Admins can start, edit, and view corrective notices for all employees.
  • Company Admins may be assigned to a Group in the role of manager.
  • Company Admins are only attached to one company, on login can't be shared between more than one Company.

What is a Manager?

Managers are responsible for a Group of employees. To delegate responsibility, click on Create Manager from the Groups page, select an employee from the dropdown list and then assign them to manage a Group of employees. The Manager’s actions are limited to the employees within the Manager’s assigned group.

  • Managers can add, edit, and delete Job Descriptions, which are shared by all Managers.
  • Managers can edit employees within the Manager’s assigned group. For example, they can keep notes in the employee’s record, or reassign their job title.
  • Managers can start or finish performance reviews for the employees within their Group.
  • Managers can file Corrective Notices for the employees within their Group.
  • Managers cannot add employees, or reassign them to another Manager.
  • Managers cannot access employees outside of their assigned group.
  • Managers cannot access their own employee record, their past reviews, or their corrective notices.
  • Managers are employees with special privileges. Company Admins and the Account Owner have the responsibility to review them.
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