What does JuvodHR Cost and How does the pricing work?

The subscription fee of $3.75 per employee per month is charged for active employees. Inactive employees are not billed. A minimum of $11.25 per month is required to maintain a paid subscription. The $11.25 per month includes up to three employees. As you add employees you will be charged for the additional employees on the next monthly billing cycle. When employees are made inactive, they will be removed at the end of your monthly billing cycle. If you cancel your subscription you will be responsible for any outstanding charges incurred for that month.

During your trial, if you created some fake employees to test the system, it would be best to make their records ‘inactive’. Do this by clicking on Employees in the top navigation bar and then click on the employee’s name. At the bottom of their record just uncheck the box that says “Is this employee active?”. Any employees in your account when you convert from a trial to a paid subscription will be billed at $3.75 per employee per month.

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