How often can I do a Performance Review?

As often as you like.

When an employee is assigned a job, the first review is automatically scheduled and should be completed in 30 days. This is for two reasons.

  1. Make sure you and the new employee set the job expectations early. 
  2. If things are not working out well, make sure you to terminate the relationship quickly to avoid being the chargeable employer for unemployment insurance. Every state has different rules for being the chargeable employer, so make sure to know the rules in your state.

When you complete a Performance Review, the Start Review button will disappear for 45 days.  If you would like to trigger a new review sooner, just click on Employees in the top navigation bar, then click on the Employees name. In the tab with Past Performance Reviews, you will find a button to START a new review immediately.

The more often you give employees feedback on their job performance, the better the results. We recommend a minimum of quarterly reviews. However many clients use the reviews to have short monthly 'feedback sessions' with their employees.

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