What if I want to create two different job descriptions using the same job title?

To create two different job descriptions using the same job title, you will do this in two steps:

1. Create the first Job Description you have in mind. Edit it to your liking, then save it.

2. Go back to our search engine by clicking Create a Job Description. Select the same job title from our search engine. Change the title of the job. Make any other modifications and save it.

Now you will have two job descriptions for the same occupation with slight modifications to ensure you are able to differentiate between the two easily.

Here's a common example:

Say your organization employs both a Junior Staff Accountant and a Senior Client Accountant. Though these are different jobs, they would both fall under the job title 'Accountant'. To create two job descriptions, you first search for and select 'Accountant'. You change the name to 'Junior Staff Accountant', edit the summary and tasks to reflect this position, and save your customized job description.

You then go back to the search engine by selecting Create a Job Description. You search for 'Accountant' again, select it, and change the title to 'Senior Client Accountant'. You again make necessary edits and save your job description.

Now you have two job descriptions that are identical with different titles. We also suggest you go in and make a few changes to the tasks to identify the differences between the two Job Descriptions.

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