How do I remove an employee that has left the company or been fired?

Easy. Click on Employees in the top navigation bar. Click on the employee's name you want to remove. Near the hired/released dates, you will see a checkbox with the description "Is this employee included in JuvodHR services?" Just uncheck the box, click save, and the employee will be excluded from JuvodHR services and removed from the active employee list.

What happens to an employee marked excluded?

When an employee is excluded from services, their job description is removed, but the employee's data is NOT deleted. Their past Performance Reviews or Corrective Notices will be available to view. If you rehire the employee or wish to use JuvodHR services with the employee, change their status to 'Included' and assign a new job description.

How do I view my excluded employees?

Click on Employees in the top navigation bar. At the bottom of the list of employees there is a toggle to switch between included and excluded employees. The toggle switch does not appear if there are no excluded employees in the Company.

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